Nutrition Coaching by CHARGE!

Meet CHARGE Nutrition, an exciting new benefit for Dealer Tire employees. You can now meet with a Registered
Dietitian — at no cost to you! CHARGE can be covered by your health plan. Dealer Tire’s Aetna plan covers 10 visits per year under preventative care if you meet the requirements of >25 BMI.

CHARGE offers:

  • Convenient visits conducted via Zoom
  • Exercise & diet app to track calories, break down ingredients and log activities
  • Custom plan designed by an expert
  • Backed by science – no fad – no magic pills!

On another plan? Charge also works with Blue Cross, Cigna and United Healthcare.

There’s more to life than working out! Total wellbeing extends into all areas of your life. Fitness and healthy eatingprovide an essential foundation. But what else do you need to grow and thrive? Connecting with family and friends, traveling and seeing the world, or enjoying a relaxing day at the spa can be essential components of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Having access to deals and discounts can make it much easier for you to enjoy life’s adventures or just relax doing the things that make you happy.

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