CVS Health Virtual Primary Care

(Available when enrolled in an Aetna medical plan)

Mental Health Services through CVS Health Virtual Primary Care —Schedule talk therapy visits with licensed therapists and get access to mental health counseling for things like anxiety, stress and depression
How is your emotional well-being? If something is weighing you down, talking to someone can help. Choose your therapist, pick a time that is convenient for you, and then talk to the therapist from the privacy of home or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Mental Health Care is also available for teens ages 13 to 17. If you’re worried about your child or think they may need to talk to someone, Teladoc therapists are available to help with issues including cyberbullying, depression, school stress, family challenges, eating disorders and more.

Aetna Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services are covered under the Aetna medical plan for associates enrolled on a Dealer Tire medical plan.


Suicide Prevention Lifeline