We partner with VSP to offer you and your family members vision insurance. Visit www.vsp.com to find in-network providers and access to a variety of online tools and programs.

In-Network Benefits
Exam $10
Materials $25
Frames Allowance $175
Featured Frames Allowance (check out vsp.com/offers) $195
Frequency Limitations Every 12 months
Single Vision, Lined Bifocal, and Lined Trifocal Copay included in materials
Anti-glare Coating $0 Copay
Tints/Light-reactive $0 Copay
Standard Progressive Lenses $0 Copay
Premium Progressive Lenses $95–$105
Custom Progressive Lenses $150–$175
Frequency Limitations Every 12 months
Contacts (Instead of glasses)
Contacts Allowance $175
Contact Lens Exam (fitting and evaluation) Up to $60
Frequency Limitations Every 12 months
Exam Every 12 months
Lenses Every 12 months
Frames Every 12 months
Out of Network Benefits
Exam Up to $45
Frame Up to $70
Single Vision Lenses Up to $30
Lined Bifocal Lenses Up to $50
Lined Trifocal Lenses Up to $65
Progressive Lenses Up to $50
Contacts Up to $105

Premium Plan

Covers exam, lenses and frames once every calendar year, as well as additional lens enhancements.

Value Plan

Covers exam and lenses once every calendar year. Covers frames every other calendar year.

Finding In-Network Providers

Remember to visit in-network vision specialists to receive the deepest level of discount on your services.

To find a participating in-network provider in your area go to www.vsp.com or call 800.877.7195.