Enrollment Instructions:

STEP 1:  Enroll in 2022 HealthWi$e Wellbeing Program (Required)

  • Dealer Tire & Sonsio: Enroll anytime in Workday. Follow the step by step instructions here
  • Simple Tire: Enroll anytime by sending email to [email protected]
  • Dent Wizard: Enroll in ADP
  • Dynamic Group: Enroll in ADP or through Benefit Educators

STEP 2: Watch for a welcome email sent to your work email account with instructions on how to sign up.  If you are a new hire or enrolled mid-year, please allow 7 days before attempting to sign up.

STEP 3: Follow the steps in the welcome email to create your Virgin Pulse profile.

Program Timelines:

Dealer Tire, Sonsio & Simple Tire:

  • Program runs January 17, 2022 through November 30, 2022
  • Click here and enter the passcode 8AWP2j%y  to play a recording of the 2022 Virgin Pulse demonstration

Dent Wizard & Dynamic Group:

  • Program runs April 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022
  • Click here and enter the passcode 2H?!s2L5 to play a recording of the 2022 Virgin Pulse demonstration

Invite your spouse to participate! Associates must be enrolled and participating in the 2022 Wellbeing Program for your spouse to join.

  • Sign into Virgin Pulse at member.virginpulse.com   
  • Go to Benefits
  • Click “Invite spouse to participate”
  • Your spouse will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to join Virgin Pulse

Schedule a confidential coaching call! Working with a coach can help you set goals, better understand your health and ultimately lead to a healthier, happier life.

Popular coaching topics include: Anxiety and Depression, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Heart Health, Lung Health, Manage Weight and more…

Earn 75 Points Per Coaching Call, 4x Per Program Year (Spouse: 50 Points)

How to schedule a coaching call on the Virgin Pulse app

Journeys are a great way to introduce healthier habits into your life or maintain healthy habits you already have in place. Journeys are made up of small, fun and informative “steps”, and most Journeys take roughly 2-4 weeks to complete. Choose from Stress Reducing Topics!

Earn 20 Points, 3x Each Quarter

How to earn points with Journeys

Create a Healthy Habit Personal Challenge and choose from Stress Reducing topics! Healthy Habit challenges allow you to be more mindful of certain behaviors, and help you make small, everyday changes that will lead to big results!

You can also make it a competition and invite other people to join your Healthy Habit challenge.

Earn 25 Points, Each Month

How to join or create a Personal Challenge?

Win the Monthly HealthWi$e promoted challenge to earn points!

Healthy Habits offer you bite-size ways to build a healthy routine and improve your wellbeing. Over time, these small steps add up to big changes that’ll make you successful.

Earn 25 Points, Each Month

1. Select “Challenges” under the Social tab
2. Click “Join”
3. Achieve this habit for at least 5 days of the 7-day challenge

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Your Practical Guide to Wellbeing provides wellbeing tips and support. Whether you want to reset your routine, get active from home or learn new ways to cope, we got you. This guide will help inform you and keep your mind and body strong, just when you need it most.

Click “Benefits”, then select View All
Click “Coronavirus (COVID-19): Your Practical Guide to Wellbeing