We partner with MetLife to provide an employee assistance program to help you and your family members find solutions and resources to tackle life’s challenges.

From simple questions such as quick ways to de-stress or how to find more time in your schedule, to more difficult issues such as finding support after the loss of a loved one, your program is there to work with you and offer suggestions, options, and information.

EAP specialists will confidentially discuss challenges you and your family may be facing and provide you with consultation, information, action plans, and resources within your community. MetLife’s work-life balance employee assistance program (EAP) offers up to 10 sessions to be used in person or virtually.

Accessing the EAP

There are strict standards of confidentiality in place to protect your privacy. Treatment information is not shared with anyone without your written permission.

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Counseling and Work Life Services

  • Stress management
  • Work and home relationships
  • Depression and grief
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Child, adult, and elder care
  • Legal and financial consultations
  • Identity theft

Adolescent Mental Health

Adolescent Mental Health A Guide for Parents
Parenting an adolescent today comes with its own unique set of challenges, not only since teens and their parents are more likely to be confined to close quarters, but because teens are dealing with isolation at a time in their lives when socializing is key to their development.

Teladoc Mental Wellbeing Services

(Available when enrolled in an Aetna medical plan)

Access Teladoc mental wellbeing virtual services from the comfort of your home. Teladoc’s licensed therapists are available by phone or video 7 days a week (7 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time). Subject to virtual office visit fees.

How is your emotional well-being? If something is weighing you down, talking to someone can help. Choose your therapist, pick a time that is convenient for you, and then talk to the therapist from the privacy of home or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Mental Health Care is also available for teens ages 13 to 17. If you’re worried about your child or think they may need to talk to someone, Teladoc therapists are available to help with issues including cyberbullying, depression, school stress, family challenges, eating disorders and more.

Virgin Pulse — Wellbeing Tools and Resources


Dent Wizard associates are now able to join the Virgin Pulse HealthWi$e Program! To find out more, review the below documents:

 2022 HealthWi$e Program Flyer- Dent Wizard

 ADP Wellbeing Program Enrollment Instructions- Dent Wizard 

Virgin Pulse Quick Guide- Dent Wizard

Wellbeing Program Mailer- English

Wellbeing Program Mailer- Spanish


Register for the 2022 HealthWi$e Wellbeing program and take small steps that lead to big changes and rewards!

Download the Virgin Pulse mobile app or go to https://join.virginpulse.com/dtfamily/

Already registered? Login at https://member.virginpulse.com/

Schedule a confidential coaching call! Working with a coach can help you set goals, better understand your health and ultimately lead to a healthier, happier life.

Popular coaching topics include: Anxiety and Depression, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Heart Health, Lung Health, Manage Weight and more…

Earn 75 Points Per Coaching Call, 4x Per Program Year (Spouse: 50 Points)

How to schedule a coaching call on the Virgin Pulse app

Journeys are a great way to introduce healthier habits into your life or maintain healthy habits you already have in place. Journeys are made up of small, fun and informative “steps”, and most Journeys take roughly 2-4 weeks to complete. Choose from Stress Reducing Topics!

Earn 20 Points, 3x Each Quarter

How to earn points with Journeys

Create a Healthy Habit Personal Challenge and choose from Stress Reducing topics! Healthy Habit challenges allow you to be more mindful of certain behaviors, and help you make small, everyday changes that will lead to big results!

You can also make it a competition and invite other people to join your Healthy Habit challenge.

Earn 25 Points, Each Month

How to join or create a Personal Challenge?

Win the Monthly HealthWi$e promoted challenge to earn points!

Healthy Habits offer you bite-size ways to build a healthy routine and improve your wellbeing. Over time, these small steps add up to big changes that’ll make you successful.

Earn 25 Points, Each Month

1. Select “Challenges” under the Social tab
2. Click “Join”
3. Achieve this habit for at least 5 days of the 7-day challenge

Other Virgin Pulse Mental Wellbeing Features:

  • Topics of Interest
  • Healthy Habit Trackers
  • Daily Tip Cards
  • Groups Feature

Note: These other features are not rewardable activities

Topics of Interest – Set up your Topics of Interest and select “Reducing Stress” to receive related content on the platform including your Daily Tip Cards.

Healthy Habit Trackers – Self-track your wellbeing behaviors by choosing from “Reducing Stress” topics including relaxation breathing, stress less in 10, gratitude journal, calming aromas, calming music, and more! 

Daily Tip Cards – Your daily cards are driven from your selected interests and other data received on the platform. Two daily cards will be displayed and available on your home page for 24 hours, then will switch to different daily cards. 

Groups Feature – Get a group started and focus on mental health and stress management topics. This feature helps to get people together with similar interests and share tips and tricks.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Your Practical Guide to Wellbeing provides wellbeing tips and support. Whether you want to reset your routine, get active from home or learn new ways to cope, we got you. This guide will help inform you and keep your mind and body strong, just when you need it most.

Click “Benefits”, then select View All
Click “Coronavirus (COVID-19): Your Practical Guide to Wellbeing

Nutrition Coaching by CHARGE!

Meet CHARGE Nutrition, an exciting new benefit for Dealer Tire employees. You can now meet with a Registered
Dietitian — at no cost to you! CHARGE can be covered by your health plan. Dealer Tire’s Aetna plan covers 10 visits per year under preventative care if you meet the requirements of >25 BMI.

CHARGE offers:

  • Convenient visits conducted via Zoom
  • Exercise & diet app to track calories, break down ingredients and log activities
  • Custom plan designed by an expert
  • Backed by science – no fad – no magic pills!

On another plan? Charge also works with Blue Cross, Cigna and United Healthcare.

GlobalFit Energize & Explore — Access deals and discounts!

There’s more to life than working out! Total wellbeing extends into all areas of your life. Fitness and healthy eatingprovide an essential foundation. But what else do you need to grow and thrive? Connecting with family and friends, traveling and seeing the world, or enjoying a relaxing day at the spa can be essential components of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Having access to deals and discounts can make it much easier for you to enjoy life’s adventures or just relax doing the things that make you happy.

Go to www.globalfit.com/dealertire
Click “Activate Benefits” at the top to register and to login
Under Lifestyles, click “Energize and Explore”, then Click to “See Deals”